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Ranthambhor Hotels

Heritage Hotels

* Castle Jhoomar Baori
* Nahargarh
* Nahar Haveli
* Sawai Madhopur Lodge

Luxury Hotels

* Abrar Palace
* Khem Villas
* Sher Bagh
* Vanyavilas

Deluxe Hotels

* Hotel Dev Vilas
* Mountain View
* Pugmark Resort
* Ranthambhor Regency
* Ranthambhore Bagh
* Ranthambhore Forest Resort
* Ranthambhore Kothi
* Tiger Den Resort
* Tiger Moon Resort

Economy Hotels

* Ankur Resort
* Green View
* Hammir Wildlife Resort
* Resort Tiger Safari
* Siddhi Vinayak Resort
* Vatika Resort
* RTDC Vinayak

Ranthambhore Tours

* 02 Days Ranthambhore Tour
* 03 Days Ranthambhore Tour
* 04 Days Ranthambhore Tour
* 04 Days Ranthambhore Tour
* 05 Days Ranthambhore Tour
* 05 Days Ranthambhore Tour
* 06 Days Ranthambhore Tour
* 05 Days Ranthambhore Tour
* 06 Days Ranthambhore Tour

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Ranthambhore Hotels

Heritage Hotels in Ranthambhore

Heritage Hotels in Ranthambore, ranthambhorehotels, hotelsranthambhore
Heritage Hotels

 Castle Jhoomar Baori
 Nahar Haveli
 Sawai Madhopur Lodge

Luxury Hotels in Ranthambhore

Luxury Hotels in Ranthambore, ranthambhorehotels
Luxury Hotels

 Abrar Palace
 Khem Villas
 Sher Bagh

Deluxe Hotels in Ranthambhore

Deluxe Hotels in Ranthambore, ranthambhorehotels
Deluxe Hotels

 Hotel Dev Vilas
 Mountain View
 Om Rudrapriya Holiday Resort
 Pugmark Resort
 Ranthambhor Regency
 Ranthambhore Bagh
 Ranthambhore Forest Resort
 Ranthambhore Kothi
 Sanctuary Resort
 Sher Camp
 Sher Vilas
 Tiger Den Resort
 Tiger Moon Resort
 Tiger Villa

Economy Hotels in Ranthambhore

Economy Hotels in Ranthambore, hotelsranthambhore
Economy Hotels

 Ankur Resort
 Green View
 Hammir Wildlife Resort
 Hill View Holiday Resort
 Hotel Raj Palace
 Resort Tiger Safari
 Siddhi Vinayak Resort
 Vatika Resort
 RTDC Vinayak


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02 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT01

03 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT02

04 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT03

04 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT04

05 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT05

05 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT06

06 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT07

05 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT08

06 Days Ranthambhore Tour - RT09


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Ranthambhore - Destination Guide

Ranthambhore National Park, one of the two most important National Parks in the state of Rajasthan which is under the Project Tiger. The gateway to Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary is Sawai Madhopur where Maharajas of Jaipur stayed at their beautiful hunting lodge and from where important guests such as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip and the Mountbatten have also been taken on royal hunts. The modern town lies about 180 km from Jaipur and was originally founded by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I of Jaipur, in 1759. The Amer rulers (the Kachhawahas) had a long standing association with Sawai Madhopur for many centuries. The Ranthambhore Fort (14 km) was gifted to them by the Mughals, along with vast tracts of surroundings forest-land. The region around Sawai Madhopur is thick with remnants of its past history. Walls, wells, mosques and hunting lodges adorn the lush rolling hills of the Vindhyas and the Aravalis. One of these lodges has been converted into a hotel run by Rajasthan Tourism and another, forest lodge hotel, which was a hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Jaipur, is run as a hotel. Every effort has been made to retain the original ambience of the 30s. The Ranthambore National Park and the Ranthambhore Fort lie within easy reach of Sawai Madhopur (which is also the nearest railhead).

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